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Why Using A Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning Mascoutah, IL Services Is Important To Your Health


 Getting your carpets cleaned cannot only improve the look of your home but it will also extend your carpet’s life. While those are both great things, the most important benefit would be how carpet and upholstery cleaning can improve the health of your family. If anyone in your home suffers from conditions such as asthma or snoring, it is crucial to vacuum the carpets three times each week, at the very least according to information given by the American Lung Association. Having your carpets cleaned twice a year can also offer your household more benefits that vacuuming just cannot offer.

Infested With Dust Mites:

While many people are not aware, most homes will have a dust mite infestation, especially if their carpet and upholstery cleaning in Mascoutah, IL isn’t done regularly. While the dust mites themselves are not the issue, the things they leave behind such as fragments of body parts and feces can cause allergens.

Your Carpet Traps Pollutants:

When your carpet is dirty it will hold on to many different types of air pollutants that live indoors such as lead, pet dander, particle pollution, cockroach allergens and of course the dirt from everyday use. If that isn’t bad enough, airborne gases that are toxic can attach to the particles of the air pollutants in your carpet.


Carpets act as one big giant filter. Capturing particles from the air and what gets tracked in on a daily basis. When the filter gets full, you and your family will breathe these pollutants. It is a good idea to have your carpet and uphostery cleaned on a regular basis. Not only will you breathe a little easier, your carpet is going to last alot longer. Which means you will be saving money by not having to replace it anytime soon. By using our carpet and upholstery cleaning Mascoutah, IL service we can remove the pollutants and we use high powered tools that will help to dry your carpet faster.

Why Using A Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning Mascoutah, IL Services Is Important To Your Health


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