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Tile and Grout Specialist of Nashville, IL


          Are you looking for Tile and Grout Specialist of Nashville, IL. Then you have clicked on the perfect page! We at Reliable are just that. Reliable has been cleaning and sealing customers tile and grout for many years. Our technicians are trained professionals on all of the different kinds on tile there are. 

          There are many tests that they can perform to make sure they know the type of flooring you have, wether it is man-made or natural flooring. By them doing these tests they can use the right tools and solutions to bring your floor back to its original shine. There are several steps that are taken to prepare your tile to be cleaned. Pre-inspection will determine the type and magnitude of your job. Once the technician has determined what type of tile he will be cleaning, he will begin with a pre spray that will dwell on the flooring for 10-15 minutes. The tool that is actually used to clean the tile is all contained under a dome, so there is not any splattering of water and cleaning solution. Your floors are thoroughly rinsed with very hot water. It is recommended to seal the grout lines after it is cleaned, but that is entirely up to the customer. The sealant is put in the grout lines after it is cleaned. Reliable technicians strive to do the best job on any type of cleaning, but if you are in need of tile & grout cleaning please Call the Tile and Grout Specialist of Nashville, IL