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Removing Spots And Stains From Carpet In Belleville, IL


      If you are up for the challenge of Removing Spots And Stains From Carpet In Belleville, IL here are a few pointers for you. If you have a spot such as tracked in dirt or mud that has dried. Gently agitate the area with a spoon to remove as much excess as you can and then follow up with a good vacuuming. With any stain you don’t apply heat while trying to remove it. Heat may set some stains in and make them difficult or impossible to remove. If you had a blood stain on your carpet for example you wouldn't want to use hot water on it.

      The quicker you are at getting to the stain will increase your results at getting that stain out. If you have a liquid spill from a beverage etc. it is best to get to it fast and with a clean white towel blot as much of it up as you can. You will want to turn the towel to a dry area and continue blotting. You may also want to eventually stand on the towel. Your weight on the towel will allow it to absorb more of the left behind liquid in the base of the carpet. The first thing I would recommend using would be plain water. You will be surprised if you get to the spot fast what will come out with just water. If that does not work then you can use a carpet spot removal product. When you are using spotters it is always a good idea to test them in an area out of sight. I have seen some spot removers discolor carpets over the years. If your spotter is safe to use make sure to blot the area and not scrub. You don’t want fiber damage to occur from getting to aggressive on the spot or stain. It is a good idea to rinse the area and blot too remove any excess spotter. Do not flood area with water. You may also want to place a clean white towel with a book or heavy object on top of it over the affected area. This way the excess moisture will wick up into the towel. And whatever you do, do not use everything under the kitchen sink. It is better to stop and let a professional handle it for you than for you to do damage or set the stain in permanently. If you don’t feel comfortable with taking on this by yourself we would be glad to help you. Our trained technicians remove many spots everyday that the business or homeowner thought would never come out. We use specialty spotters for all different spots and stains we run into. Choose us when you want the best company at Removing Spots And Stains From Carpet In Belleville, IL.