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Reducing Allergies With Professional Carpet Cleaning in O'Fallon, IL


    You can start Reducing Allergies With Professional Carpet Cleaning in O’fallon, IL. By reducing allergens around your home it will help you feel better and avoid future allergies. When it comes to allergies there are thousands of irritating factors but the biggest culprit is dust mite feces! Yes, I said feces. Do you know that up to 200 million dust mites can infect your home at anytime. Where do you think all of their waste goes? It goes in your carpet, upholstery, pillows and mattresses. Research reveals that the protein from their feces is what contributes to most allergy and asthma attacks. So are you wondering how do I get this nasty waste out of my belongings? Call the best professional cleaner, Reliable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners.  We can get all the nasty allergens and pollutants out of your carpet and upholstery in O’fallon, IL.

     Carpet manufacturers recommend one cleaning method - hot water extraction. That is what Reliable uses. We have truck mount systems that can out perform any grocery store shampooer that you would rent. Here are just a few reasons we are better than renting a do it yourself machine. First off you can sit back and watch us do the cleaning. We use a hot water extraction method. By using this method we can get your carpets 4-5 times cleaner than any other type of cleaning. Once the hot water is pressurized into your carpet it will break down all of the allergens and dirt in your carpet.Then we have equipment that uses strong suction to get all the contaminants out including those nasty feces. Also, by having such strong suction your carpets won’t take as long to dry, only 2-3 hours. Now that your carpet is clean it will look better and last longer. Plus it will have less allergens in it so they won’t be floating in the air and you and your family won’t have to breathe them over and over again. Call Reliable at 618-233-5775 and breathe a little easier. We have been in business since 1946 and promise you a thorough job. You can also click here for more information on Reducing Allergies With Professional Carpet Cleaning in O’Fallon, IL.