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O'Fallon, IL Tile And Grout Cleaning in Your Home


    We can help you with your O’Fallon, IL Tile And Grout Cleaning in Your Home. Tile floors add beauty to your home. This type of flooring will hold up very well and give you many years of service. The most popular and durable of these floors would be ceramic or porcelain. These are man made tiles. They are very hard tile and can hold up well even in high traffic situations. The grout lines are slightly lower than the tile. If you spill something on these tile you can wipe it off with ease. These tiles are nonporous and will not allow liquid to soak in. The grout however is porous and will allow liquids to soak in. So it is important for the homeowner to clean up spills quickly.

     Over time soil, cooking grease, and everyday grime will make your grout lines darker. The tile surface can have raised surfaces on them as well that will hold grease and dirt. When this occurs it is good to call in a professional to clean your tile and grout in O’fallon, IL. We have been cleaning these tile for many years now. We return grout lines to their original color and leave your tile sparkling clean. We have been in business since 1946 and always deliver fantastic service and results. We use the most up to date equipment to thoroughly clean tile and grout. Our system will flush all that dirt, grime, and bacteria from deep within your grout with extremely hot water. All of this cleaning action is done under a dome and vacuumed out to our truck. You have no mess, just a super clean floor that will add beauty to your home once again. You can give us a call at 618-233-5775 or 618-566-8170. We will be happy to answer any of your questions and provide you with great service. You can also go here for more information on O’Fallon, IL Tile And Grout Cleaning in Your Home.