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Mascoutah, IL Tile and Grout Cleaning

  Here is a photo of Reliable cleaning ceramic tile and Mascoutah,IL. There was significant difference in the before and after cleaning represented in the photograph.  Even with decent care your tile floors will ultimately need a professional cleaning. When mopping your floors, make sure to change the water repeatedly. Without doing this, you are clearly smudging the filthy water around allowing it to penetrate into the pores of the grout. The water will disappear leaving a small amount of soil.  Over time the soil intensifies causing the color of your grout to change. There is great news for you. We can fix it.  We use remarkable equipment intended to flush the dirt out of the pores without any splatter or mess. We apply  pre-treat to the floor first. This loosens up the oily soils.  We then scrub the pre-treatment, followed by an exceptionally hot clean water rinse which gets vacuumed out on the truck quickly. The cleaning action takes place under a dome with the attached truckmounted vacuum.


  This is what lets us give your floors a thorough cleaning without the mess. The grout is the same color you had to start with.  Check the baseboards or in the corners where there is no traffic. Compare the color of the grout in these areas with your higher traffic areas.  There should be a tremendous difference unless the whole floor is dirty. To bring back the allure of your tile floors contact Reliable Carpet, Upholstery, Tile and Grout Cleaners for all your professional tile and grout cleaning in Mascoutah, IL.

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