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How to Get Faster Drying After Carpet Cleaning in Freeburg, IL


    I am going to tell you How to Get Faster Drying After Carpet Cleaning in Freeburg, IL.

There are some companies that unfortunately will leave your carpets soaked. You don’t want to sacrifice clean just to get your carpets to dry faster. My company gives you both a fast drying and thoroughly cleaned carpet. With my cleaning your carpets will usually be good to walk on without getting your sock feet wet in just about 2 hours. Other cleaning companies may take longer but these tips will help any carpet dry in a shorter amount of time.

  1. Set your thermostat at about 72 degrees. Warmer air can hold more moisture and your carpets will dry much quicker than if it is cold inside.

  2. In the summer use your air conditioning to lower the humidity in the air - this will speed up drying. When the humidity is high there is very little room for evaporation to take place.

  3. You will want good air movement. Ceiling fans are great. Even a small oscillating fan or box fan that is low to the floor will usually cut the drying time considerably. Air movement will help to replace the moistened air above the carpet and replace it with more dry air.

    It is important to get carpets cleaned and dry in a reasonable amount of time. Since you will be able to get back on the carpeted areas much sooner there will be much less of an inconvenience. You will be able to go about your normal routine. We can make your carpets in your home fresh, clean, and more healthy. You will also enjoy the faster dry times. If you would like to schedule this service or have any questions you can call us at 566-8170 or 233-5775. You can get more information here on How to Get Faster Drying Carpet Cleaning in Freeburg, IL.