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    Pets can be wonderful but they make a lot of extra work too. If you have ever owned a cat or dog you know how true this is. For the animal lover, the effort needed to be sure her canine and feline friends are properly cared for is well worth it. Even animal lovers, however, will admit that the damage of an untrained or improperly cared for pet can cause to a carpet is beyond problematic.

    O'Fallon, IL pet stain and odor removal problems are among the most difficult facing the professional carpet cleaner. The good news is these are difficulties we've dealt with many times and we know just what to do.

    Are you faced with a mess left by a previous occupant?

    Some of our most frustrated potential clients are either people moving into a home previously occupied by a pet owner or landlords who want to show a property after a pet owner has moved out. The sad fact is pet stain and odor removal is not a simple task. Most of the 'over the counter' solutions will mask the problem at best. Usually they don't even do that very well. This is a problem that requires professional knowledge and experience and we have both.

    Give us a chance to help you save your carpet.

    The evidence that a cat or dog has lived in a home can linger for years after the animal is gone. Many people end up despairing of ever properly restoring carpets stained by pets and end up replacing them. Before you take such a drastic step let us take a shot at your O'Fallon, IL pet stain and odor removal problems. We know what is needed to get the job done and it will be a lot less expensive than a new carpet. Contact Us To Take Care of Your O'Fallon, IL Pet Stain and Odor Removal Needs


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