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Cleaning Berber Carpet In Belleville, IL


     Most of the berber carpets today are made with synthetic fibers. The most popular of these fibers used in berber carpeting would be olefin sometimes referred to as polypropylene. Nylon is another fiber that is used, however because of cost you will see much more olefin berbers. Berber carpeting is a term that refers to the construction of the carpet. There are no berber fibers. It is easy to spot a berber carpet by its short, densely packed characteristic loops. You will be walking on the sides of the fiber rather than the tips of the fibers of most other carpeting. This style of carpet holds up to traffic well. It will also hide soil. Vacuuming is an important step in maintaining this carpet. Don’t wait until it looks like it should be vacuumed. The dirt you can’t see contains abrasives that will cause irreversible wear to the fibers making them look dull. In the picture Reliable is cleaning a moderately soiled berber carpet in Belleville, IL.

    Consumers are often told not to wet clean berber. This is simply not true. Hot water extraction with a large truck-mounted machine being operated by a skilled professional cleaner is the best choice for cleaning your berber carpets. This is because these machines have the power to not only flush the soils hidden deep in the nooks of these carpets, they also have tremendous suction power to pull the dirty water back out. There are gaps in the fibers that will allow moisture to seep deep down. Small rental machines or any of them that you plug into a wall simply don’t have enough power to pull the moisture out. This leaves your carpets wet deep down. The carpet takes a long time to dry out and in some cases will cause the carpet to turn brown or yellow. A professional cleaner will be able to correct this situation most of the time. We love cleaning them. If you want to avoid all the pitfalls leave it to the experts at Reliable Carpet, Upholstery, Tile & Grout Cleaners for all your berber carpet cleaning in Belleville, IL.