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Carpet Pet Odor Removal in O’Fallon, IL


  With the rise in humidity you might be in need of Carpet Pet Odor Removal in O’Fallon, IL. High humidity levels will make odors stronger and more noticeable. As a homeowner it can be quite difficult trying to deal with these issues. There are things that you can purchase that will help with the problem, but without the right equipment and tools to tackle this issue your results will be limited. If the urine stain is not visible we have sensors to help locate the source of the odors. We can provide you with professional pet odor removal in O’Fallon, IL.

    We have been in business since 1946 and know how to treat each situation. Every situation will be different. We do not have one technique or method for every job. We have many and can come up with one that will best help your individual situation. Cleaning alone will not remove pet urine odor no matter how many times you go over it. When dealing with odor issues from urine you have to treat all areas affected by the urine. The urine deposit in the carpet padding will be much larger that what you see on top of the carpet. Gravity pulls the urine down into the carpet backing and into the padding. This is where the homeowner is very limited and will not get very good results with over the counter type products. We are here for you. We can help improve your not so pleasant odor issues. It is good for us to treat them as they happen. Letting the urine spots add up before calling in a professional to deal with them is never a good idea. Choose our company for the best in pet odor removal. Here is some more information on Carpet Pet Odor Removal in O’Fallon, IL

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