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Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid in Freeburg, IL


 Here are a few Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid in Freeburg, IL. Maintaining your carpets properly is important to good indoor air quality. It will also keep your carpets looking great and extend the life of your carpets for many years to come.


Avoid Cleaning Spills Improperly

    You can remove most spills with good blotting and some water to help rinse the area if you get to it quickly. Don’t use heat or you could set the stain. Apply a good amount of pressure to a clean white towel, turn the towel to clean areas and repeat until you get no more transfer on to the towel. You may want to stand on the towel. Whatever you do don’t scrub your carpet. You very likely will end up damaging the fibers.

Avoid Not Getting to The Spill Quickly

    The longer you wait the more time the spill will have to soak deep into the carpet. This will make it more difficult for you to remove. It will be much easier for you to remove a fresh stain than one that has soaked in and dried.

Avoid Not Testing Your Spot Remover First

    You will always want to test your spot remover in an inconspicuous place first. I have seen home spot removers take out some color in carpets before. Once again you do not want to cause damage by making these carpet cleaning mistakes in Freeburg, IL

Avoid Never Hiring A Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

 You can follow these tips to help your carpets in between cleaning, but  it is important to have your carpets cleaned by a professional at least once a year. Carpet Manufacturers will recommend a professional cleaning on a regular basis to extend the life of your carpets and to keep your carpets warranty. This will remove soil and any residues from deep within your carpets. You can reach Reliable at 618-233-5775 or 618-566-8170 when you are ready for your professional carpet cleaning. Or go here for more info on Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid in Freeburg, IL