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Best Berber Carpet Cleaning Swansea, IL


     We clean many different types of carpets. There are many styles and fibers that make up carpet today. One type of carpet that we see a lot of these days is berber. Berber carpeting is constructed with a loop pile with a low profile. You are walking on the side of the fibers rather than the tip of the fibers like you would on most other carpets. The most common fiber used to make this style of carpets today is olefin. You may see polypropylene listed as the fiber, olefin and polypropylene are two names that refer to the same fiber. These carpets are durable and can give you many years of use if cared for properly. We offer the Best Berber Carpet Cleaning Swansea, IL. Berber carpets can be tricky to clean if you don’t know what your doing or if you don’t use the right equipment. Since there are spaces in between these loops water can be pulled down to the backing because of gravity. If the equipment being used is not powerful enough to pull this moisture back out it can lead to problems.

    Some problems with cleaning of this carpet could be spots wicking back up to the surface as it dries. Another problem with using underpowered equipment is  that the carpet can turn brown if left to wet for a period of time. Because of this there are some cleaners who will shy away from cleaning berber carpet. Some just don’t like to clean them. Some of them which will tell you they have to be dry cleaned, and this is definitely not true. We love cleaning berbers. We have great success with these. We can usually clean and bring new life back to these carpets, even the ones that most people think will never clean up. We pre treat all areas and then flush out all the spills, soil, and grit hiding deep within the carpet. We then will follow up with a very powerful extraction pulling that moisture and dirt out of your carpets. So if your tired of seeing spots or your thinking it just can not be cleaned you should give us a call. We can help you with any of your problems when it comes to cleaning this carpet. Choose our company for the Best Berber Carpet Cleaning Swansea, IL.