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Berber Carpet Cleaning in Belleville, IL


  Synthetic fibers are used on the majority of berber carpets today.  Polypropylene which is also known as olefin is the most popular fiber used in berber carpeting today. Nylon is another synthetic fiber that is sometimes used. Because of costs you will see polypropylene or olefin used on the majority of these carpets. Some people think that berber is the name of the fiber which is not true. Berber refers to the way the carpet is made, there are no berber fibers. You can spot a berber carpet easily by its short, densely packed loops. On most carpeting you will be walking on the tips of the fiber, with berber you would be walking on the side of the fibers because of its looped construction. These carpets will hold up very well to traffic as long as they are vacuumed on a frequent basis and are given a good professional cleaning. They can hide soil very well, so remember to vacuum on a regular basis. Do not wait until the carpet looks like it need vacuuming, vacuum before it gets looking this way. It’s that hidden soil that can scratch the fibers making them look dull and grey long before they should. When you do not maintain a carpet like you should, you will have wear areas which will make your carpet ugly-out long before it should have ever worn out. These conditions will be permanent. We love cleaning berber carpets and we clean a lot of them. Regular berber carpet cleaning in Belleville, IL and good maintenance will give your carpets a long healthy life.

     Have you ever heard someone say that you should not wet clean berber carpet? It does not matter if you heard it from your salesman or your neighbor next door, this statement is NOT TRUE. You should not clean a berber carpet with small rental machine or the ones you can buy at the store. These machines do not have the power to pull moisture from between the loops of the carpets. This can lead to over wetting issues that can cause browning and many reappearing spots once the carpet has had a chance to dry. We can give your home the best berber carpet cleaning in Belleville, IL and the surrounding areas. We use large units in the van that are very powerful. This along with our experience will give your carpets a thorough cleaning, pulling those deep embedded soils out from the base. Your carpets will dry quickly. They will last longer, look beautiful and you will wonder why you waited so long to have Reliable clean them. We have more information and you can contact us for your berber carpet cleaning in Belleville, IL.


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