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Berber Carpet Cleaning in Belleville, IL.

Most berber carpets today are made with synthetic fibers. One of the most popular fibers is olefin, also known as polypropylene. Nylon can be another fiber that is used, however due to the price difference between olefin and nylon most of the time olefin will be purchased. Berber carpeting is a term that describes the construction of the carpet, not actually the fibers that are used to make the carpet. It is easy to identify a berber carpet by its short, densely packed loops. You actually walk on the sides of the fiber rather than the tips of the fibers as what is used in other carpets. This style of carpet holds up to constant traffic greatly. It also hides dirt real well. Don’t wait until it looks like it needs vacuumed, because vacuuming is a very important part in maintaining this carpet. You have to be aware of the dirt you don’t see. It contains abrasives that will cause irreversible wear to the fibers making them look dull. In this picture Reliable is cleaning a heavily soiled berber carpet in Belleville, IL.


Often consumers are informed not to wet clean berber carpeting. They are being misinformed. Hot water extraction is the smart choice for cleaning your berber carpets. We have large truck-mounted machines operated by a skilled professional cleaner. They will bring your carpets back to life again. Our machines have the power to flush all the dirt hidden in all the deep nooks.

While it is being flushed out the machines tremendous suction power is pulling the dirty water back out. Our company has the equipment to clean berber carpet back to its original glory. Unlike a carpet cleaning machine that you would rent, it doesn’t come near the power of a large  truck mount does. This is real important because leaving a berber carpet to wet can cause problems. So leave the cleaning to us at Reliable Carpet, Upholstery, Tile & Grout Cleaners. We love Berber Carpet Cleaning in Belleville, IL

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