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Belleville, IL Tile and Grout Cleaning Questions Asked Frequently


    Here are some Belleville, IL Tile and Grout Cleaning Questions Asked Frequently. The following information may answer some of your own questions about having your tile and grout cleaned.

Question 1.  Will cleaning damage my tile and grout?

Answer:  No, if the grout is cracked, loose, or brittle before cleaning some of the loose pieces might get vacuumed up. But if it is in good condition it will be fine. When we see these areas prior to cleaning we are extra careful with them.


Question 2.  What process or how do you clean tile and grout in Belleville, IL?

Answer:  We pre-treat all of the tile & grout. We then scrub the grout lines. After that we use a turbo tool with high pressure and extremely hot water to flush all of the soil out of the pores of the grout. This is all contained under a dome and does not splatter or make any mess.


Question 3.   How good of a job does the cleaning do?

Answer:  Most of the time the difference is amazing. It really restores the grout to as close to new as possible. Many clients comment on it looking brand new again. Brings back the original color of your grout.


Questions 4.  How long before I can walk on my tile after it is cleaned?

Answer:  Usually you can walk on it within 30 minutes to an hour. If there has been sealer put on, I would give it a couple hours. You do not want to get the sealer on your shoes and walk on other flooring surfaces.

    I hope these Belleville, IL Tile and Grout Cleaning Questions Asked Frequently answered some of your questions you might of had. If you have any other questions or would like to schedule your cleaning please click the link above or contact us in Belleville, IL @ 233-5775 or Mascoutah @566-8170.


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